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Anvil Legal workers compensation lawyers Perth, WA.

We have helped many injured workers get their entitlements after their claim was pended or disputed at no cost to them for our legal services*.

Workers compensation lawyers & solicitors in Perth

Up to 17,500 workers a year are injured at work in WA and 4000 of them have to take extensive time off work and require financial assistance and medical treatment.

After being injured at work our clients tell us that all they wanted to do was fully recover from their injuries so that they can get on with their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of injured workers never fully recover and they face an uncertain future littered with stressful interactions with parties like insurers, doctors and employers.


Our clients tell us that the most common cause of stress for them and their families after an injury at work is:

  • Not knowing whether they had a claim for workers compensation
  • Liability not being accepted and the financial strain it causes
  • The time it takes for the insurer to respond after a claim is made
  • Not getting the right weekly payments
  • Medical treatment recommended by their own GP not being paid/reimbursed by the insurer
  • Pressure from the insurer and rehabilitation providers to go to meetings
  • Receiving letters from the insurer that are written in legalese
  • Settlement offers that appear far too low

Whilst a work accident may impact heavily on you and your family there is help at hand from specialist workers compensation lawyers if you just ask for it. The peace of mind a qualified lawyer, who has a lot of experience in work injury claims, can provide will make it worthwhile.

Thumbs UpOur No Win No Fee Solution means you do not pay anything out of your own pocket for our legal fees.*

  • Anvil Legal helped me settle my workers compensation claim, I ended up getting almost three times more than the insurer originally offered. I got to talk to a lawyer who spoke in plain english and they acted quickly when I asked them for help. I recommend giving them a call.


  • The first lawyers managing my case told me I did not have a claim, lucky for me a friend recommended Anvil Legal and I now have access to weekly payments and medical treatment at no cost to me thanks to their no win no fee solution. The lawyer managing my claim was knowledgeable, down to earth and professional which has helped me gain a good understanding of the whole process and I highly recommend his services


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About Us

The Principal of Anvil Legal spent years working in blue collar jobs before he was hit by an errant machine effectively ending that line of work. Having personally experienced the support that was being offered to injured workers in the way of legal services he became determined to pursue a new career that would allow him to assist those who were injured on the job.

That is why our goal at Anvil Legal is to make your workers compensation claim go as smoothly as possible, ensuring we provide straight forward legal advice in plain English so you can understand the status of your claim.

Best of all, our clients have no obligatory out of pocket expenses for our legal services!

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