Anvil Legal Workers Compensation Lawyers is a Perth based law firm specialising in Workers Compensation law but with a range of other legal services. With a strong track record in advising and representing our clients professionally and effectively, we pride ourselves on our solid and dependable approach to your legal issue.

Although we are expert workers compensation lawyers, in order to give our clients, and their families, the peace of mind they deserve we offer a range of related services.

Our belief is that any threat to your income through injury, disease or death should be prevented as much as possible for the peace of mind of both you or your family.

The Unions do a very good job at protecting their members as do the many other Professional/Business Associations, however, many people do not belong to a Union or Professional body and we believe that they should also have access to that same kind of assistance.

Our Range of Legal Services

Anvil: The Fairly Priced Legal Firm

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our services as part of a yearly membership like Unions or Associations so the best that we can do is offer you our services and charge you accordingly if it’s required.

We do try and keep any costs to a minimum but we are running a business, a heavily regulated business, and although our hourly rates are kept to what we believe is an acceptable figure they are still considerable, so where we can we make our NO Win No Fee Solution*  available to eligible clients.

To find out our rates for wills, powers, employment law, workers compensation or industrial relations services or whether we can offer our No Win No Fee Solution* Call Us on 08 6143 5200

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