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The Principal of Anvil Legal spent years working in blue collar jobs before he was hit by an errant machine effectively ending that line of work. Having no other skills meant he was on the workers comp merry go round, including dealing with insurers, rehabilitation providers and lawyers, for quite some time until his claim was resolved.

Having personally experienced the support that was being offered to injured workers in the way of legal services he became determined to pursue a new career that would allow him to assist those who were injured on the job and quite a few years down the road here we are, Anvil Legal.


For those of you who don’t know what an anvil is, its something you put stuff on when you want to hit it! Wile E Coyote used them to try and catch road runners, with little effect, but people have been using them through all of history, from plain rocks to the metal anvils of blacksmiths, with great effect.

We like to think of our practice as an Anvil for the injured worker. Something solid and reliable, durable and capable of withstanding heavy hits without faltering, something that remains stable and true job after job.


Our Goal at Anvil Legal is to make your workers compensation claim go as smoothly as possible. We believe a committed relationship with a legal firm that understands your individual circumstances, and that you believe has your best interest at heart, will ease any stress caused by having to deal with some employers and workers compensation insurers.

We Strive to build a relationship with clients knowing they will be given straight forward, sometimes hard to hear, legal advice because they know it is intended to protect their best interests.

The Costs of legal action can put off most people especially when your wages have been reduced because of an injury. At Anvil Legal we try to keep any cost to you to a minimum which is why we offer our No Win No Fee Solution* to most clients with a workers compensation or common law claim.

Our Commitment is to provide solid, dependable and cost effective legal services in a straight forward and no nonsense manner and we will do it using plain English instead of the legalese you may have been exposed to in the past.

Our Availability is generally during business hours, however, as you can see from our site we offer many different ways to contact us so that you can talk to a lawyer free of charge to discuss your work injury. You can arrange an appointment, request a call back, email us online and our phone number is always easily at hand.

We Try and keep up with technology so our website is optimised for all types of devices giving you the ability to contact us at any time if you have any questions or want to discuss your matter.

Give It A Gowhether you are on a PC, tablet or mobile phone you can request a FREE Appointment Here Now 


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