Workers Compensation Settlement

How long does a workers compensation settlement take?

The time it takes to settle a workers compensation claim varies wildly as there may be the need to obtain more medical evidence to ensure nothing is missed as far as current treatment and/or future treatment needed, a permanent impairment assessment for a Schedule 2 impairment entitlement calculations (you should get one from your own choice of AMS doctors and not rely on the insurers assessment) etc.

Once the actual settlement negotiations commence it might take a couple of days or months depending on the expectations of both the parties (you and the insurer).

Once an agreement is reached the documentation needs to be finalised and signed by all parties which can take a week or 2 and then WorkCover will need to do their bit which is another week or so.

The insurers are generally required to write to Centrelink, after WorkCover has notified them the settlement can go through, and request to know if any money is owing and they will not start their process for releasing your money until they have received a Centrelink notice back, so there could be 4 – 8 weeks more delays here. (general advice)

Can you work after workers comp settlement?

Generally once your workers compensation claim is settled you can go back to work – you should always follow your GP’s advice though (general advice)

How does workers compensation settlement work?

Settlement of a workers compensation claim is basically you agreeing to take a lump sum of money to close your claim forever. You need to be careful and factor in any permanent impairment you have plus weekly payments for a period of time plus medical/rehabilitation/travel expenses into the future (all depends on your specific circumstances). (general advice)

Can I close my workers comp case?

Yes you can, however, you need to be careful and it is strongly advised that you speak to a legal professional with expertise in workers compensation claims before you make the decision as there are several ways to ‘close a workers comp case’ and they may have implications you do not realise exist. (general advice)


Disclaimer – All the responses above are very general in nature and should not be relied on to any extent, if you want to get a clear answer to any queries you should seek good legal advice

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