Workplace Injuries

Can I sue for a workplace injury?

Possibly, it is complicated and you will need the services of a legal professional who specialises in workers compensation injuries and common law claims. (general advice)

Do I need a lawyer for workers compensation?

No you don’t need a lawyer for workers compensation claims as such, however, if you find one that does not charge you any out of pocket (or out of your settlement) expenses why would you want to. It may also be that your workers compensation claim will need to go down the common law path (suing the employer) and in that case you will generally need a lawyer. (general advice)

Can I get compensation for a work injury?

If you are injured at work in WA you are entitled to make a claim for workers compensation (a couple exceptions apply) and if it is accepted you are entitled to weekly payments and medical expenses (which itself is compensation); you may also be eligible for a permanent impairment amount and if eligible (restrictions apply) there is also the possibility of further compensation through a common law claim (general advice)

How long after a work injury can you sue?

Generally you must commence a personal injury action within 3 years from the date of injury – the Workers compensation Act (WA) also has specific conditions that will need to be met before you are able to sue your employer. (general advice)


Disclaimer – All the responses above are very general in nature and should not be relied on to any extent, if you want to get a clear answer to any queries you should seek good legal advice

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