What Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer Do?

The workplace injury and workers’ compensation claim process can be confusing and highly frustrating for many people. For this reason, they may opt to hire an experienced and qualified workers compensation lawyer in Perth.

Regardless of fault, if you have sustained a work-related injury or illness that requires medical attention or time away from your job you are eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation in Western Australia.

Whether a claimant is actually entitled to receive compensation for a workplace injury heavily depends on the claimant’s particular set of circumstances that caused or contributed to the injury. This can make it difficult to know whether your claim will be accepted or how much you may receive for your particular case. An accepted worker’s compensation can entitle you to receive weekly payments (for lost wages) reasonable medical expenses and vocational rehabilitation expenses.


How a Workers Compensation Lawyer can Help

A worker’s compensation lawyer specialises in assisting injured workers with workplace injuries and related compensation claims. Work injury lawyers know how to navigate the workers compensation system, workers’ comp insurers and are able to advise what you may be eligible to receive under your specific circumstances.

When you agree to be represented by a workers compensation lawyer, they will provide you with advice and act on your behalf to do any work that needs to be done concerning your work injury and the workers comp claim. These tasks may include:

  • Getting any entitlements under your claim
  • Providing advice regarding common law options
  • Make applications to obtain entitlements or to defend insurer actions
  • Resolve any issues with claim reimbursements
  • Advise you of what they believe is the best way to manage your work injury claim


Do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Not every work injury claim in Perth requires a workers compensation lawyer but having the experience of one to help advise you can make the workers compensation claim process less stressful and much easier to navigate. If you wish to take the option of pursuing common law damages against your employer this process will generally require a workers compensation lawyer who specialises in work injury claims and common law actions to represent you in court.

Here at Anvil Legal Workers Compensation Lawyers, we understand the financial stress that can result from a work injury claim. We work on a no win no fee arrangement for most clients and try to get the insurer to pay as much of our bill for you as possible.

So if you are contemplating whether it’s worth you getting a workers compensation lawyer for your work injury claim. Our Principal Lawyer Brett Owen can help ease the stress and frustration of a work injury claim and give you more time to focus on your recovery. If you have any further questions about our workers compensation services, contact us at 08 6143 5200 or fill out an enquiry form. We are happy to respond to enquiries over the phone or at an obligation free appointment.

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